JSON Data Sets – Homework Assignment CSCI 40

GDP Comparison between America and China

GDP Data

In this example graph, I used the data sets attached below to demonstrate the GDP growth of two nations, USA and China. GDP, or gross domestic product product, is used to measure the monetary market value of all final goods and services. From the graph above, we can tell that the US has had the upper edge for many years, but as time goes on, China is slowly catching up.

These are the data sources used:
China’s GDP data
America’s GDP data

Breakdown of Height and Weight of Pokemon

Pokedex Data

In this example graph, I used pokedex entries to create a scatter plot based on the height and weight of the first 151 pokemon. As demonstrated in the graph above, we can see that a large majority of pokemon in the 1st generation are below 2 meters and below 100 pounds with some small outliers such as Snorlax (2.11 m and 460.0 kg), Onix (8.79 m and 210.0 kg), and Gyarados (6.50 m and 235.0 kg).

Here is the data source used:
Pokedex Data

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