Just a simple python script to generate graphs of salt state requisites.

Installation Requirements

You will need to install graphviz to render the dot files into images. Apt, Yum and Homebrew should all have versions that will work.


This script processes the json output from salt-call state.show_sls MYSTATE --out json and it will output graphviz dot language that you can then process through dot into an image, svg, or any other format that graphviz supports

Processing a json file

saltstatevis show_sls_file.json >
# generate a png image of the graph
dot -Tpng -o show_sls_file.png

One liner salt to svg file

SVG files are handy because you can open them natively in Chrome and they are rendered with actual text fields, allowing you to search for text in the page

salt-call state.show_sls some-salt-state --out json | saltstateviz | dot -Tsvg -o some-salt-stat.svg


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