Just for testing video streaming using pytgcalls.

Note: The features used in this repository is highly experimental and you might not get the result you wanted to see.

This bot works partially and this feature is still in beta and it is still experimental
If you see any other repo like this, Consider the person who made it as dumb :)


It's better to locally host it, you can also (ab)use Github workflows
The run command is python -m vcbot btw :)

Environmental variables

  • API_ID : Get this value from
  • API_HASH : Get this value from
  • SESSION : visit here to obtain this value.
  • SUDO : User IDs of users who have access to use the bot commands. Separate each with space.
  • BOT_TOKEN : (Optional) Get this value from BotFather.

Ways for Deployment

Run on workflows (easy af)

  • Fork this repository.
  • Goto your forked repository settings.
  • Scroll down and select secrets tab.
  • Click on New repository secret button.
  • Add the environmental vars as mentioned here.
  • After adding all, Goto the Actions tab and start the workflows.


  • Click the button to deploy


Asked one of the devs and he told me:


Conclusion : Pending..

Still wanna get banned? here

Deploy on Railway

Known Issues

  • Video and audio sync issues.
  • Some stream links may not be streamed.
  • Less audio quality.
  • breaks / lags in video.
  • In workflows, the !stop commands usually kills the whole bot.


I encountered an issue.. What will I do?

  • Give up :)

My bot died when I used !stop, any way to restart the workflow?

Fortunately, There is

  • Goto the actions tab in your forked repository.
  • Switch to Run on workflows tab.
  • Press the Run workflow button.


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