KBYD – Simple Bulls and Cows Game

How to Play

KBYD is a simple Bulls and Cows Game.

When the game starts, the computer randomly generates 3 to 5 digit-number.
You have to guess that number until you run out of chances.

If you press Enter after entering a number, the number and result are recorded in the history field as follows.

[c, d, e, f, g] / hAiB

A means both number and position match.
B means the numbers match but the positions do not.
So, 1A2B means that there is one digit that matches both the number and position, and two digit that matches the number but does not match the position.
The game will repeat until you run out of chances or you have guessed all the numbers.

Good Luck.


Copyright (C) 2021. Xeruel a.k.a. MochaSyrup

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