KConfig Browser is a graphical application which allows you to modify KDE configuration files found in ~/.config


Qt6 is used in the main branch. The Breeze application style does not support Qt6, so you might want to use the pyqt5 branch


Screenshot of KConfigBrowser with a selected configuration file, group and key


Huge thanks to GitHub user Zren for the custom KConfig ConfigParser class


I created this little tool in order to learn Qt (in Python for now, because at the moment I don’t know C++).

I kinda envied that GNOME people had the graphical dconf-editor for GSettings and KDE didn’t have any graphical
tools for manually editing KConfig (at least none that I’ve heard of).

Even though it was written in a short time, it serves its purpose of a graphical KConfig reader/editor.

How to install

You don’t need to install it anywhere, just make sure you have the PySide6 library installed,
and then you may run the kdeconf.py Python file.

How to use

Select a configuration file from the top left combobox, then select a group from the left listbox.
Then, you’ll see a list of keys in the right listbox. Select a key and the value will appear at bottom text input box.
After changing the value, you need to click the “Save” button to save the changes. You may also click “Reload” and
the text input value will be updated according to the config file contents.

Feature requests and bug reports

If you want to request a feature or/and report a bug, please use the Issues tab.