TeamVault is an open-source web-based shared password manager for behind-the-firewall installation. It requires Python 3.3+ and Postgres (with the unaccent extension).


apt-get install libffi-dev libldap2-dev libpq-dev libsasl2-dev python3.6-dev postgresql-contrib
pip install teamvault
teamvault setup
vim /etc/teamvault.conf
# note that the teamvault database user will need SUPERUSER privileges
# during this step in order to activate the unaccent extension
teamvault upgrade
teamvault plumbing createsuperuser
teamvault run


pip install --upgrade teamvault
teamvault upgrade


Install Postgres and create a database and superuser for TeamVault to use, for example by starting a Docker container:

docker run --rm --detach --publish=5432:5432 --name teamvault-postgres -e POSTGRES_USER=teamvault -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=teamvault postgres:latest

Now create a virtual environment to install and configure TeamVault in:

pipenv install
pipenv shell
pip install -e .
export TEAMVAULT_CONFIG_FILE=teamvault.cfg
teamvault setup
vim teamvault.cfg  # base_url = http://localhost:8000
                   # session_cookie_secure = False
                   # database config as needed
teamvault upgrade
teamvault plumbing createsuperuser
teamvault run

Now open http://localhost:8000