Keypiriniha Chocolatey

This is a package for the fast keystroke launcher keypirinha (

It allows you to search & install packages via Chocolatey.

Search for a particular package

Install or open page of a package

Opens an administrative powershell to install the package


  1. If you have Package Control plugin installed, then you can just search for “Chocolatey” there and install this plugin.

  2. Alternatively, download the latest package from the releases page.

    • Move the downloaded package to your InstalledPackages folder located at:

    • Keypirinha\portable\Profile\InstalledPackages in Portable mode

    • Or %APPDATA%\Keypirinha\InstalledPackages in Installed mode (the final path would look like C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Keypirinha\InstalledPackages)


  • List outdated packages
  • Upgrade packages
  • Uninstall packages


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