ObjectViz is a multitouch object detection solution, enabling you to create
physical markers out of any reliable multitouch solution.

It’s easily configurable and pluggable, using TUIO as a communication protocol
with client applications.


To build the documentation (on ubuntu) you need

  • texlive-base
  • texlive-fonts-extra

go to the docs directory and run make latexpdf

Build & Package

A makefile in packaging is used for the various operations:

to install the dependencies, ensure python3.6 or newer is installed then:

make -f packaging/Makefile Deps

To run without packaging

python src/main.py

To package the application as an installer for your current platform (though mostly tested on Windows)

make -f packaging/Makefile all

/!\ Make sure you don’t have any uncommited change before running this, as it’ll make a lot of local changes you’ll want to revert later.


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