An API wrapper for KSP.


  • Fetch full product data easily (includes stock, tags, price, etc)
  • Look for queries easily. (MORE COMING SOON)


Installing ksp.py is very easy.

python -m pip install ksp.py


Simple product stock viewer.

import time import ksp client = ksp.Client(ksp.Languages.ENGLISH) cache = [] while True: product = client.get_product(...) if product and product.stock: available_branches = [ branch for branch, status in product.stock.items() if status        ] for branch in available_branches: if branch not in cache: print(f"Branch '{branch}' has been resupplied!") for branch in cache: if branch not in available_branches: print(f"Branch '{branch}' ran out of stock!") cache = available_branches time.sleep(2)


  • Add async support.

Known Issues

  • Currently, None!

Incase you do find bugs, please create an issue or a PR.

GitHub - adam757521/ksp.py: An API wrapper for KSP.
An API wrapper for KSP. Contribute to adam757521/ksp.py development by creating an account on GitHub.