Learn Opencv In 3 Hours Using Python - Including Example Projects

What will you learn ?

Virtual Painter Document Scanner Number Plate Detector

Contours Detection Color Detection Face Detection


Index Topic Image Video Description
1 Introduction to Images Watch Now Basic concept of Images. The RGB Channels and Gray Scale Images.
2 Installations Watch Now Installation process of Pyhton, OpenCV and the Pycharm IDE


Chapter Topic Image Video Description
1 How to Read Image Video-Webcam Watch Now Learn how to read images videos and webcam.
2 5 Must Know OpenCV Basic Functions Watch Now 5 Must know opencv functions for beginners. Gray Scale, Blur, Edge Detection, Dialation and Erosion.
3 How to Crop and Resize Images Watch Now How to crop and resize and iamge. Resize could be used to scale up or scale down an image where cropping can be used to get a part of the image.
4 How to Draw Shapes and Text Watch Now Learn to create blank images along with how to draw Lines, rectangles, circles and custom text.
5 Warp Prespective/BirdView Watch Now Learn how to creat a warp prespective of a selected area of an image using fixed points.
6 Joining Multiple Images to Display Watch Now Join multiple images together as one image for easy visualization of the workflow. Learn how to do it for smaller noumber of images and how it could be scaled up to have several images in the same image.
7 Color Detection Watch Now How to detect any color in an image using the HSV space with the help of opencv Trackbars.
8 Contour/Shape Detection Watch Now How to detect shapes of objects by finding their contours. Contours are basically outline that bound the shape or form of an object. So we will be detecting multiple shapes and how many corners points each shape has along with its area .
9 Face Detection Watch Now How to detect faces in realtime using Viola Jones method.
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Project Topic Image Video Description
1 Virtual Paint Watch Now Detecting Color and using colored marker to draw virtually.
2 Documnet Scanner Watch Now In this project we are going to create a simple document scanner using opencv. We will learn how to run this in real time
3 Number Plate Detector Watch Now In this project we will detect number plates on cars in realtime and save them with a click of a button.