Learning Efficient Online 3D Bin Packing on Packing Configuration Trees

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We propose to enhance the practical applicability of online 3D-BPP via learning on a hierarchical packing configuration tree which makes the DRL model easy to deal with practical constraints and well-performing even with continuous solution space.



For more details, please see our paper Learning Efficient Online 3D Bin Packing on Packing Configuration Trees which has been accepted at ICLR 2022. If this code is useful for your work, please cite our paper:

title={Learning Efficient Online 3D Bin Packing on Packing Configuration Trees},
author={Hang Zhao and Yang Yu and Kai Xu},
booktitle={International Conference on Learning Representations},


  • Python>=3.7
  • NumPy
  • PyTorch>=1.7
  • gym

Quick start

For training online 3D-BPP on setting 2 (mentioned in our paper) with our PCT method and the default arguments:

python main.py 

The training data is generated on the fly.



Describe your 3D container size and 3D item size in ‘givenData.py’

For discrete settings:
container_size: A vector of length 3 describing the size of the container in the x, y, z dimension.
item_size_set:  A list records the size of each item. The size of each item is also described by a vector of length 3.


For training online 3D BPP instances on setting 1 (80 internal nodes and 50 leaf nodes) nodes:

python main.py --setting 1 --internal-node-holder 80 --leaf_node_holder 50

Warm start

You can initialize a run using a pretrained model:

python main.py --load-model --model-path path/to/your model


To evaluate a model, you can add the --evaluate flag to evaluation.py:

python evaluation.py --evaluate --load-model --model-path path/to/your/model --load-dataset --dataset-path path/to/your/dataset


python main.py -h


This source code is released only for academic use. Please do not use it for commercial purpose without authorization of the author.

TODO (This code will be fully published by March 2022)

1. Add heuristic baseline algorithm.
2. Add online 3D BPP environment under continuous domain. 
3. Add more user documentation and notes.
4. Add dataset and pretrained model.
5. Add other leaf node expansion schemes.
6. Feedback of various bugs is welcome.


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