Learning Energy-Based Models by Diffusion Recovery Likelihood
Ruiqi Gao, Yang Song, Ben Poole, Ying Nian Wu, Diederik P. Kingma


Experiments can be run on a single GPU or Google Cloud TPU v3-8.
Requires python >= 3.5. To install dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

To compute FID/inception scores, download the pre-computed statistics of datasets from:, unzip the file and put
the folder in this repo.

Train with 1 GPU

python --num_res_blocks=8 --n_batch_train=256 
python --problem=celeba --num_res_blocks=6 --beta_1=0.5 --batch_size=128
LSUN church_outdoor 64x64 / LSUN bedroom 64x64
python --problem=[lsun_church64/lsun_bedroom64] --batch_size=128
LSUN church_outdoor 128x128
python --problem=lsun_church128 --beta_1=0.5
LSUN bedroom 128x128
python --problem=lsun_bedroom128 --beta_1=0.5 --num_res_blocks=5
Compute full FID / IS scores after training on CIFAR10
python --eval --num_res_blocks=8 --noise_scale=0.99 --fid_n_batch=2000

For faster training, reduce the value of num_res_blocks.

Train with Google Cloud TPU

Add --tpu=True to the above scripts for 1 GPU. Also need to set --tpu_name and --tpu_zone as shown in Google Cloud.

Pretrained models

This code is for T6 setting. Will upload T1k setting soon!


If you find our work helpful to your research, please cite:

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  author={Gao, Ruiqi and Song, Yang and Poole, Ben and Wu, Ying Nian and Kingma, Diederik P},
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