BigBitBus KAT Components

BigBitBus KAT components

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Welcome to the BigBitBus Kubernetes Automation Toolkit (KAT).

KAT is a set of software code and documentation to help understand the big picture of how a web application is developed for and deployed into a Kubernetes environment.

TL;DR If you want to directly deploy the KAT web application in a Kubernetes cluster on your PC, head over to our quickstart.

Most components of the Kubernetes cloud native ecosystem are extremely well documented, but its hard to find end-to-end examples that illustrate how these components work together in the context of an application. The main idea is to show you the breadth of several cloud-native technologies working together to support an application deployed on Kubernetes. We provide links to high quality documentation for deep dives on the concepts our examples illustrate. Our examples will show you how it all comes together so you can get productive, fast. You can then choose to learn more about specific parts of the cloud native stack as your situation demands.

We also provide a few Docker Compose “alternatives” in our some of our code directories so developers can compare and contrast a Docker workflow with a Kubernetes workflow.

From here, we recommend you start with a review of some Kubernetes and related concepts we have put together. Or, if you want to directly go to the code and examples you can navigate the folders in the repository, the table below will launch you right in.

What is where?

Category File or Directory Description
Documentation documentation/ Start here for an overview and links to other documents
Todo Django API code/app-code/api/todo-python-django Django Python todo backend; includes Helm chart deployed using Skaffold
Postgresql DB code/k8s-common-code/postgres-db Installing and configuring Postgresql database into the Kubernetes cluster using Helm charts
Vuejs Todo Single Page Application code/app-code/frontend/todo-vuejs Todo application implemented in Vuejs; includes Helm chart deployed using Skaffold
Monitoring code/k8s-common-code/monitoring Installing and configuring monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana into the Kubernetes cluster using standard Helm charts created by the Prometheus community
Kubernetes Dashboard code/k8s-common-code/k8sdashboard Deploying the Kubernetes dashboard, a browser-based GUI view of the Kubernetes cluster


Deployment File or Directory Description
In Cloud documentation/ Deploy KAT on a Cloud
Local System documentation/ Deploy KAT on your Local System


All code and configuration in the BigBitBus KAT repository (code files contained in this directory and all subdirectories) is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

All documentation, media and images in the BigBitBus KAT repository (non-code files contained in this directory and all subdirectories) are licensed under the CC BY-NC License.

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