The official implementation of the paper Learning Spatio-Temporal Transformer for Visual Tracking

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End-to-End, Post-processing Free

STARK is an end-to-end tracking approach, which directly predicts one accurate bounding box as the tracking result.
Besides, STARK does not use any hyperparameters-sensitive post-processing, leading to stable performances.

Real-Time Speed

STARK-ST50 and STARK-ST101 run at 40FPS and 30FPS respectively on a Tesla V100 GPU.

Strong performance

Tracker LaSOT (AUC) GOT-10K (AO) TrackingNet (AUC)
STARK 67.1 68.8 82.0
TransT 64.9 67.1 81.4
TrDiMP 63.7 67.1 78.4
Siam R-CNN 64.8 64.9 81.2

Purely PyTorch-based Code

STARK is implemented purely based on the PyTorch.

Install the environment

Option1: Use the Anaconda

conda create -n stark python=3.6
conda activate stark

Option2: Use the docker file

We provide the complete docker at here

Data Preparation

Put the tracking datasets in ./data. It should look like:

 -- data
     -- lasot
         |-- airplane
         |-- basketball
         |-- bear
     -- got10k
         |-- test
         |-- train
         |-- val
     -- coco
         |-- annotations
         |-- images
     -- trackingnet
         |-- TRAIN_0
         |-- TRAIN_1
         |-- TRAIN_11
         |-- TEST

Run the following command to set paths for this project

python tracking/ --workspace_dir . --data_dir ./data --save_dir .

After running this command, you can also modify paths by editing these two files

lib/train/admin/  # paths about training
lib/test/evaluation/  # paths about testing


Training with multiple GPUs using DDP

python tracking/ --script stark_s --config baseline --save_dir . --mode multiple --nproc_per_node 8  # STARK-S50
python tracking/ --script stark_st1 --config baseline --save_dir . --mode multiple --nproc_per_node 8  # STARK-ST50 Stage1
python tracking/ --script stark_st2 --config baseline --save_dir . --mode multiple --nproc_per_node 8 --script_prv stark_st1 --config_prv baseline  # STARK-ST50 Stage2
python tracking/ --script stark_st1 --config baseline_R101 --save_dir . --mode multiple --nproc_per_node 8  # STARK-ST101 Stage1
python tracking/ --script stark_st2 --config baseline_R101 --save_dir . --mode multiple --nproc_per_node 8 --script_prv stark_st1 --config_prv baseline_R101  # STARK-ST101 Stage2

(Optionally) Debugging training with a single GPU

python tracking/ --script stark_s --config baseline --save_dir . --mode single

Test and evaluate STARK on benchmarks

  • LaSOT
python tracking/ stark_st baseline --dataset lasot --threads 32
python tracking/ # need to modify tracker configs and names
  • GOT10K-test
python tracking/ stark_st baseline_got10k_only --dataset got10k_test --threads 32
python lib/test/utils/ --tracker_name stark_st --cfg_name baseline_got10k_only
  • TrackingNet
python tracking/ stark_st baseline --dataset trackingnet --threads 32
python lib/test/utils/ --tracker_name stark_st --cfg_name baseline
  • VOT2020
    Before evaluating "STARK+AR" on VOT2020, please install some extra packages following external/AR/
cd external/vot20/<workspace_dir>
export PYTHONPATH=<path to the stark project>:$PYTHONPATH
  • VOT2020-LT
cd external/vot20_lt/<workspace_dir>
export PYTHONPATH=<path to the stark project>:$PYTHONPATH

Test FLOPs, Params, and Speed

# Profiling STARK-S50 model
python tracking/ --script stark_s --config baseline
# Profiling STARK-ST50 model
python tracking/ --script stark_st2 --config baseline
# Profiling STARK-ST101 model
python tracking/ --script stark_st2 --config baseline_R101

Model Zoo

The trained models, the training logs, and the raw tracking results are provided in the model zoo