🔖 Lemnos: CLI To-do List Manager

This is a simple program that allows one to manage a to-do list via the command-line.


$ python3 todo.py add make pasta
$ python3 todo.py show
    1. make pasta
    Number of items: 1
$ python3 todo.py complete 1

Set up

You need to have Python installed.

  1. Clone/download this repository.
  2. cd into the directory when using the program.

You are good to go! You can optionally add a shebang of your Python install location to the top of todo.py. You can find this by typing which python in the command-line. Prepend that string with #! and add it to the top of todo.py. Example string: #!/usr/bin/python3. Then, you can simply type ./todo to execute the program instead. To follow the reference then, just replace python3 todo.py with ./todo.


  • Add item to list:

    $ python3 todo.py add item
  • Show to-do list:

    $ python3 todo.py show
    • or simply:

      $ python3 todo.py
  • Complete item at index i

    $ python3 todo.py complete i
  • Erase entire list:

    $ python3 todo.py erase
  • Get length of list:

    $ python3 todo.py len


For efficiency purposes, you can simply specify the first letter of each functionality instead of the entire word. Example of adding item to the list.

$ python3 todo.py a item

The program works by adding and removing content from list.txt so you can alternatively manage the list via that file as well.


I recognize that there are probably many packages/programs out there that already have this functionality, but I wanted to build one from source so that I can feasibly add customizations to my personal setup as needed. Another motivation for creating this program was that the other options available are much more feature-heavy than I needed (a minimalist user experience is the main design principle here).


is the Greek god of blacksmiths, metalworking, carpenters, craftsmen, among others. He resides in Lemnos, which, in real life, is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea.


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