Let’s Git – Version Control & Open Source Homework

Welcome to this homework for our MOOC: Let’s Git! We hope you will learn a lot and have fun working on it.

In this homework, you will create a website about your favorite character from a movie or a book. Here are two examples: Example 1 and Example 2. This exercise will practice you in using the Github Flow but you will see this when doing the individual tasks.

To start the task, simply follow these steps:

  • Use this repository as a template for a new repository by clicking “Use this template” to create the same repository in your repositories. When creating the repository, name it like this: “<your github name>.github.io”. For example, if your user name was sanjsp, the repository should be called sanjsp.github.io. Other than that the repository should be public. Nothing else needs to be changed. Click on “Create repository from template” to create the repository.
  • Give the newly created repository a star. If you’re not able to give a star, check if you have verified your email address in your GitHub profile settings.
  • Clone your repository to your computer. To do this, go to “Clone or download” directly above the code files and copy the link of the repository. Then open Git Bash or your terminal, run the command git clone (URL of the repository) . My command would look like this git clone https://github.com/SanJSp/sanjsp.github.io.git
  • Open the website generated from the contents of the repository by visiting <your GitHub name>.github.io in your browser. For me this would be sanjsp.github.io. There you will currently find an error 404. This will resolve itself after a few minutes (up to 20). Therefore you should see changes after you have finished your first exercise!
  • New issues will appear in your repository over time. A bot programmed by us will create the issues and also tests your work. All in all there will be 5 issues created. If you solve an issue correctly, the bot will post a comment in your Pull Request with a passphrase for the openHPI quiz. Work on them and follow the steps indicated in the issues. Sometimes it can take a while (max. 5 minutes) to create the issues.

The website changes every time a new commit has been made to master. So it will only show the version of the website on the master branch, changes on other branches will not be visible on the website. If you want to see the changes you have made to your feature branch, look on GitHub at the index.md file in your repository on your feature branch (switch branches in the top left corner). The markdown is automatically generated there and you can see what did not work like you wanted it to.

Have fun and good luck with this exercise!


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