Lets you remove all friends, leave GCs, and leave servers, in an instant! You can also do each of them by themselves.

First, you need to get python, at .

Next you need to download the file, by hitting the “code” button and hitting “download ZIP”

Unzip the folder.

Once you are done, goto the address bar on your explorer window while in the anonymity folder.

Type in “cmd” and hit enter.

Type in “pip install requirements.txt” (without quotations).

Once you are done, type in “”

You should get a error, that is normal.

Right click on the file “” and find the part at the top that says “token”, put in your discord token (

Goto the one below it that says “password” and put in your discord password. (Needed for the pfp changer).

Next, open cmd again, and type in , or run the file.

You will get a list of the commands, and you can use them at your disposal. Have fun!



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