AirDrive lets you store unlimited files to cloud for free. Upload & download files from your personal drive at any time using its super-fast API.


pip install airdrive


from airdrive import AirDrive

Creating New Drive

drive = AirDrive.create(username: str, password: str)

Logging In

drive = AirDrive.login(username: str, password:str)


  • files returns list of file names existing in the drive
  • download(file_name: str) downloads file from the drive
  • download_all downloads all files from the drive
  • upload(local_file_path: str, remote_file_name: str) uploads file to the drive
  • rename(old_file_name: str, new_file_name: str) re-uploads file with new name
  • cache(file_name: str) caches a file from the drive
  • delete(file_name: str) deletes file from the drive permanently
  • delete_all deletes all files from the drive permanently
  • delete_account deletes airdrive account permanently


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