Library for with pics parsing and downloader included!


  • CLI utility for pics downloading from
  • Library for create custom downloader (you can write own) or data analyze.
  • Strong typed!


Using pip

pip install zerochan

Using poetry

poetry add zerochan

Using as downloader tool:

After install you can call zerochan by command python -m zerochan

Using as library:

First, you should create Zerochan instance:

from zerochan import ZeroChan

zerochan_instance = ZeroChan()

Now, you can set some args for request

from zerochan import ZeroChan, PictureSize, SortBy

zerochan = ZeroChan()"Spain")  # Set title to search
zerochan.size(PictureSize.BIGGER_AND_BETTER) # Set quality and pic size
zerochan.sort(SortBy.POPULAR) # Set sorting (now only popular) # Page to parse
zerochan.authorize("hjsaf7afkjsaf78", "127364") # Authorize by z_hash and z_id in cookies

...or set args like this:"Spain")\

After all settings, you should call .pics() to get pics:

data =
for img in data.images: