Library Generator script for competitive programmers

I wrote this script couple years ago for personal use, it is spaghetti code (software engineering wise)

but I think it’s finally time to finally share it

note: don’t get me wrong it still spaghetti as it was a couple years ago ?

Install requirements:

First, you need to install the requirements.txt file

you can use:

pip install -r /path/to/requirements.txt

How to use:

python /path/to/ [/path/to/library_folder]

if you don’t provide the path to library folder then the script will consider it as you current directory

C:\Users\x\path\to\library_folder> python /path/to/

note that your library structure must be organized like this:

   │       area_of_triangle_given_3_points.cpp
   │       BellmanFord.cpp
   │       Bridges.cpp
   │       detectCycles.cpp
   │       dijkstra.cpp
   │       EulerPhiSieve.cpp
   │       factorial_mod_p.cpp
   │       FastMul.cpp
   │       detectOverflow.cpp

Video Demo:



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