? LimitatiBot [0.2]

LimitatiBot is a simple telegram bot to establish a conversation with a user without having to use private chats.

The bot was created on 02/02/2022, its current version is 0.2 STABLE, there will be many more updates in the future.

✅ Features

  • 6 Languages available
  • 100% Configurable
  • Media support (photo / video / sticker / gif)

? Todo list

  • Database Support (MySQL / sqlite3 / json)
  • All languages of the world available
  • Command /ban
  • Command /unban
  • Command /admin
  • Command /unadmin

⚠️ Warning

the bot will be updated and improved, only if we notice some interest in it.

we also ask everyone not to sell this code, as it is now public.

If you want to support us, make a donation via PayPal

? Do you need help?

You can find us on telegram, here are some useful links



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