LDF Parser

This tool is able parse LIN Description Files, retrieve signal names and frames from them, as well as encoding messages using frame definitions and decoding them.


The tool has been written according the LIN standards 1.3, 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2A, but due to errors in the documentation there's no guarantee that the library will be able to parse your LDF. In such cases if possible first verify the LDF with a commercial tool such as Vector LDF Explorer or the tool that was used to create the LDF. If the LDF seems to be correct then open a new issue. I also recommend trying the LDF to JSON conversion mechanism, see if that succeeds.

Also the LIN standard is now known as ISO 17987 which clears up some of the confusing parts in the 2.2A specification. Since this new standard is not freely available this library won't support the modifications present in ISO 17987. I don't think it's going to a huge problem because the LIN 2.2A released in 2010 has overall better adoption.

The LDF usually contains sensitive information, if you need to open an issue related to the parser then try to provide either an anonymized version with signals and frames obfuscated or just the relevant segments in an example LDF when opening issues.


You can install this library from PyPI using pip.

pip install ldfparser


import ldfparser
import binascii

# Load LDF
ldf = ldfparser.parseLDF(path = "network.ldf")
frame = ldf.frame('Frame_1')

# Get baudrate from LDF

# Encode signal values into frame
message = frame.raw({"Signal_1": 123, "Signal_2": 0})
>>> 0x7B00

# Decode message into dictionary of signal names and values
received = bytearray([0x7B, 0x00])
print(frame.parse(received, ldf.converters))
>>> {"Signal_1": 123, "Signal_2": 0}

# Encode signal values through converters
message = frame.data({"MotorRPM": 100, "FanState": "ON"}, ldf.converters)
>>> 0xFE01

More examples can be found in the examples directory.


Documentation is published to Github Pages.


  • Semantic validation of LDF files
  • Retrieve header information (version, baudrate)
  • Retrieve Signal and Frame information
  • Retrieve Signal encoding types and use them to convert values
  • Retrieve Node attributes
  • Command Line Interface
  • Capturing comments

Currently not supported

  • Scheduling table
  • Diagnostics


Install the requirements via pip install -r requirements.txt

Install the library locally by running python setup.py install

Pytest is used for testing, to execute all tests run pytest -m 'not snapshot'

Flake8 is used for linting, run flake8 to print out all linting errors.


@c4deszes (Author)

GitHub - c4deszes/ldfparser: LIN Description File parser written in Python
LIN Description File parser written in Python. Contribute to c4deszes/ldfparser development by creating an account on GitHub.