Pylint extension for Visual Studio Code

A Visual Studio Code extension with support for the pylint linter. The extension ships with pylint=2.12.2.


Settings Default Description
python.pylintArgs [] Custom arguments passed to pylint. E.g "python.pylintArgs" = ["--rcfile=<file>"]
python.pylintSeverity { "convention": "Information", "error": "Error", "fatal": "Error", "refactor": "Hint", "warning": "Warning", "info": "Information" } Controls mapping of severity from pylint to VS Code severity when displaying in the problems window. You can override specific pylint error codes { "convention": "Information", "error": "Error", "fatal": "Error", "refactor": "Hint", "warning": "Warning", "W0611": "Error", "undefined-variable": "Warning" }
python.pylintTrace error Sets the tracing level for the extension.
python.pylintPath [] Setting to provide custom pylint executable. Example 1: ["~/global_env/pylint"] Example 2: ["conda", "run", "-n", "lint_env", "python", "-m", "pylint"]


Command Description
Pylint: Restart Linter Force re-start the linter server.


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