Yoke (Linux client)

Yoke is a hackable Android gamepad for Linux.


he Linux client can be installed with

# Requires Python 3.5+ which comes pre-installed in Ubuntu 16.04 and after.
pip3 install git+https://github.com/rmst/yoke.git

To enable Yoke to create gamepad devices we need to add a udev rule

sudo yoke-enable-uinput  # you can find that script in the "bin" directory

(This can be undone via yoke-disable-uinput)

Then you can run the client with


Your computer should then show up in the Yoke app immediately if you are on the same network.


To test Yoke you can install, e.g. jstest-gtk:

sudo apt install jstest-gtk
jstest-gtk  # to run

To use Yoke effectively with SDL-based games (e.g. all games using Unreal Engine or Unity3D), you can install the SDL gamepad tool.

sudo apt install gamepadtool
gamepadtool   # to run


The communication between the Linux client and the Android app are unencrypted UDP messages. You should therefore use it in networks you trust. However, if you are not in a trusted environment you can always create one via USB or Bluetooth. Just enable USB or Bluetooth tethering on your Android device and connect your Linux computer. This will create a mini-network for just your Phone and Computer and Yoke will work as usual.


Changing the controller mapping and behaviour of certain axes is very simple. Have a look at bin/yoke which is the Python script that is used for the yoke command.

If you want to modify more low level stuff that's also pretty easy. The Yoke linux client basically consists of a single Python file yoke/service.py.