List of Linux Tools I put on almost every Linux / Debian host


  • geany –> GUI editor/ notepad++ like
  • chkservice –> TUI Linux service review from the terminal
  • htop –> TUI supercharged top – shows processes and cpu info
  • nnn –> Terminal file explorer (! drops to the command prompt)
  • ncdu –> Terminal disk and folder space viewer
  • network-manager –> installs nmtui Terminal Network Manager app (set IPs, etc)
  • ne –> Terminal editor (like nano / code highlighting, “esc” or F1 for menus)
  • hping3 –> check if something is on the network, way more powerful than “ping”
  • nmap –> Network scanner
  • wireshark –> network packet reviewer
  • lynis –> Linux security auditing
  • apt-show-versions –> shows package versions / if needing upgrade (“$ apt-show-versions -u”)
  • vim –> VI editor with tons of extras
  • vimrc –> config script for vim (from Github amix/vimrc)
  • bat –> “cat” clone with colors and other features (sharkdp/bat on Github)
  • fish –> “friendly interactive shell” beats the pants off of bash, ()
  • tig –> TUI client for git
  • bmon –> TUI network bandwidth monitor
  • dnsutils –> installs “dig” for DNS troubleshooting
  • glances –> like “htop” or “top” but more graphical, lots of sys info in one “glance” –installs python
  • python3 –> Development language
  • code –> (sudo snap install –classic code) Visual Studio Code IDE for Linux
  • mtr –> traceroute and ping in one, great for network troubleshooting
  • ned –> a clone of “sed” (search and or replace) with an easier syntax (nevdelap/ned on Github)
  • miller –> Does about everything awk and sed do for json/csv/etc files (johnkerl/miller on Github) — more complex than ned
  • most –> Linux pager, better than “less” or “more”
  • guake –> GUI terminal client for linux, more options than the built in terminal

Python App “Linux-Sotware-Installer” Created (Nov 13th, 2021)

  • Requires a Debian-like system such as Ubuntu and Python 3 and “sudo” privileges
  • Checks if the above terminal-only software exists, if not installs it


GitHub - StewAlexander-com/Linux-Tools at
List of Linux Tools I put on almost every linux / Debian host - GitHub - StewAlexander-com/Linux-Tools at