Wordle Solver

Little python script + dictionary to help solve Wordle puzzles


Usage: ./wordlesolver.py [letters in word] [letters not in word] [placemen]t

  • [letters in word] is just any letters that you know are in the word, without spaces, for example: fa
  • [letters not in word] is just any letters that you know are not in the word, without space, for example: bqwetl
  • [placement] should have the actual placement for any letters that went green, with any unknowns marked as an underscore, for example f___r


If you can’t fill out one of these fields because you don’t yet have enough information, just replace it with a single question mark “?”.=


wordlesolver$ python3 wordlesolver.py fa bqwetl f___r
Loaded 15918 words from dictionary.


  • Try to use as many vowels as possible on the first guess, my first guess is always adieu.
  • Actually, according to this you might be better to use roate as your first guess!

Want something better?

I just discovered this one – it uses an algorithm to determine the best guess in every scenario, the guess that will narrow down the pool of solutions as much as possible!


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