Logseq Flatpak

How to update to a new version

Set the VERSION environment variable

export VERSION=0.5.7

Download the latest release from https://github.com/logseq/logseq/releases

curl -O https://github.com/logseq/logseq/archive/refs/tags/$VERSION.tar.gz

Generate the sha256sum

sha256sum logseq-$VERSION.tar.gz

Update the release url and the sha257sum in the com.logseq.Logseq.json file.

Then you need to generate both the yarn.lock and static/yarn.lock files.

tar xf logseq-$VERSION.tar.gz
cd logseq-$VERSION
yarn install
cd resources
yarn install

Then copy the generated yarn.lock files

cp logseq-$VERSION/yarn.lock .
cp logseq-$VERSION/resources/yarn.lock static-yarn.lock

Generate generated-sources.json use the flatpak-node-generator.py script from

python3 ~/r/flatpak-builder-tools/node/flatpak-node-generator.py -r yarn \
  logseq-$VERSION/yarn.lock --xdg-layout -o generated-sources.json

Finally we may also need to update the clojure dependencies.

First we need to build the new release to force download dependencies.

rm -rf ~/.m2/repository
cd logseq-$VERSION
yarn gulp:build && yarn cljs:release-electron

Then update the maven-sources.json file

pytnon3 flatpak-clj-generator-from-cache.py > maven-sources.json

Finally, test the build

flatpak-builder --user --install --force-clean build-dir/ com.logseq.Logseq.json

If all goes well, we can commit and push a new release.


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