Lost Ark Anti AFK Bot

To tackle the issue of long queue times and harsh AFK timers I have created an Anti AFK Bot For Lost ARK

Important Note

There is no known fact that EAC has an issue with CLI (Command Line Interfaces) being open when in a game
It is up to you if you choose to run the program!

Latest Release

  • Currently V1.0 is the latest release available!
  • Released Source Code Of Project
  • Released Minified Version of Project Using: Python-Minifier
  • Released Obfuscated Version of Project Using: Oxyry Python Obfuscator


  • I recommend using the obfuscated version of the project nicknamed “iCloudBackup”
  • The name is just used as a “funny” idea to trick AC even though it will probably have 0 impact
  • I recomend going to a private area in Lost Ark and all you would need to do is boot up the program and switch back to Lost Ark
  • The system starts off with a mouse click at a random screen location cords within the clickable area of the game
  • The system then presses a key which are the default keys you use your abilities for
  • The system runs 30-120 seconds random time selection between each event
  • The system selects a random key button every time of the array of “usable” buttons
  • The systems selects a random screen coordinate to click every time
  • The program runs indefinitely until closed and be careful not to run the program e.g. just on your desktop

Release History


  1. Firstly Install Python and make sure to install the package manager PIP (Do This In Admin Privileges in CMD etc)
  2. Next in CMD run “pip install pyautogui” This installs the dependencies for the project
  3. Now move the program into another drive preferably from the game and rename it to you choosing (bury this in a few random files)
  4. Enjoy usage


  • Built this program for a friend and the program currently is fully undetected and ready to go
  • You are free to usage any script type above for example if you do not trust the Minified Code or Obfuscated Code.
  • You can also run your own Obfuscation on the source code to better hide the program if you do worry about EAC (Easy Anti Cheat)
  • Currently Macros have no definite answer on bans etc but generic rules state anything that is a bot or left unattended is breaking the rules
  • Use at your own discretion!

Plans for the future:

  • Create a better security for the overall program and obfuscate more!
  • Create the program in a language like C or Java and run a known EAC bypass
  • Add customer screen setup for all resolution types
  • Add more complex interactions with the game such as buying or selling items
  • Add Queue detection (program only starts clicking etc when in game and not in Queue)


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