MainCoon – Recon Framework.

MainCoon is an automated recon framework meant for gathering information during penetration testing of web applications.

All Features

01. Whois            : Get Website Whois Information.     
02. Torrent          : Get Torrent Information Via IP Address.             
03. Shodan IP Info   : IP Information Gathering From Shodan
04. Image Search     : Reverse Image Search.
05. Proxy Info       : Get Proxy Server Information.
06. Port Scanning    : Port Scanning.
07. Number Lookup    : Phone Number Information Gathering.
08. DNS lookup       : Get Information About DNS.
09. MAC Lookup       : Get Information About Mac Address.
10. DNS Dump         : DNS Dump.
11. Censys Lookup    : Censys Information Gathering from IP Address.
12. Mail Lookup      : Get Mail Information.

Login Information

login Username : [email protected]
Login Password : [email protected]

Disclaimer : This tool made for only educational purpose please don't use it for any bad purpose.


 apt-get update
 apt-get upgrade
 pkg install git
 pkg install python3
 pip install -r requirements.txt
 git clone
 cd maincoon


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