Lots o’ Bytes ?

Make files with as many random bytes as you want!

Use case

  • Can be used to package malware that is normally small by making the download larger!
  • Hard to compress by Zipping making files believable.
  • Easy code to navigate and tweak.


  1. clone the repo with git clone https://github.com/addi00000/lots-of-bytes.git or download the zip folder from the Code button
  2. open a terminal inside the lots-of-bytes directory
  3. execute the script with python main.py
  4. enter the number of bytes (WARNING: Larger loads in the megabytes and above can take very long especially on slower machines.)
  5. wait until the program replies Done! or spits out some weird error and see your .txt file in the same directory


The max 1GB restriction can be removed by setting the checker value under the main function to False. I don’t recommend removing this since it can lead to you accidentally filling your disk by accident

You could also change the file format by changing all instances of .txt to whatever file format you want.

Do whatever you want just giving suggestions


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