Make nixos usable for non-technical users through a settings / package management GUI.



The declarative nature of nixos provides it the capability of being the most user friendly linux distro. No more editing dotfiles, /etc files, manually writing timers, services, running commands to manage and create users and groups, etc. Nixos integrates all of that into a declarative system, and this project integrates nixos’ declarative system into a GUI.

Serve Users Unfamiliar with, or Learning Nix

Nix-Gui is a configuration management tool designed for those who haven’t mastered the (arguably difficult) nix language. It is also an attempt to replicate the ease of use of popular configuration systems including

  • Ubuntu’s Unity System Settings
  • Mint’s Cinnimon Settings
  • Synaptic Package Manager

At the same time, Nix-Gui should serve to gradually and comfortably teach users about the mechanics of the nix language and nixpkgs. At the most advanced level, once feature parity has been achieved Nix-Gui may be considered an IDE.

Serve Mobile Users

An additional motive for this project is to enable system configuration for mobile devices without having to type code on your phone.