Markdown Journal Template


This project contains a script which creates a markdown journal template for the current year by creating a markdown file for every day of the year and copying a markdown template into each file.

A Python script named creates the directories and files and copies the markdown template from into each file.

In the same directory as this README, the script creates a directory named journal with the following format:

  • journal
    • 2022
      • 1 January
        • etc.
      • 2 February
      • 3 March
      • etc.

Current title format for each month directory: MONTH_NUM MONTH_NAME (eg. 1 January).

Current title format for each markdown file created: DD-MM-YYYY (eg.

Note: the script detects the current year.

Setup Steps

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Type out the markdown template you want for every day of the year in
  3. Create the journal directory and files by running the script with the command python3

Then you can use the journal by typing your journal entries as markdown into the files using a markdown editor such as Typora.

The files can be kept secure by backing them up in the cloud (eg. in Google drive) or in a git repository.

Feel free to modify:

  • the journal template
  • the current year used
  • the title formats of the month directories or markdown files
  • anything else


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