Mask Transfiner

Mask Transfiner for High-Quality Instance Segmentation [Mask Transfiner, CVPR 2022]

This is the official pytorch implementation of Transfiner built on the open-source detectron2 [Under Construction].

Mask Transfiner for High-Quality Instance Segmentation Lei Ke, Martin Danelljan, Xia Li, Yu-Wing Tai, Chi-Keung Tang, Fisher Yu CVPR, 2022


  • Transfiner: High-quality instance segmentation with state-of-the-art performance and extreme details.
  • Novelty: An efficient transformer targeting for high-resolution instance masks predictions based on the quadtree structure.
  • Efficacy: Large mask and boundary AP improvements on three instance segmentation benchmakrs, including COCO, Cityscapes and BDD100k.
  • Simple: Small additional computation burden and easy to use.

Mask Transfiner with Quadtree Transformer

Results on COCO test-dev

(Check Table 9 of the paper for full results, all methods are trained on COCO train2017. This is a reimplementation. Thus, the numbers might be slightly different from the ones reported in our original paper.)

Backbone Method mAP(mask)
Res-R50-FPN Mask R-CNN (ICCV’17) 34.2
Res-R50-FPN PANet (CVPR’18) 36.6
Res-R50-FPN MS R-CNN (CVPR’19) 35.6
Res-R50-FPN PointRend (1x CVPR’20) 36.3
Res-R50-FPN BCNet (CVPR’21) 38.4
Res-R50-FPN Transfiner (CVPR’22) 39.4
Res-R50-FPN-DCN Transfiner (CVPR’22) 40.5
Backbone Method mAP(mask)
Res-R101-FPN Mask R-CNN (ICCV’17) 36.1
Res-R101-FPN MS R-CNN (CVPR’19) 38.3
Res-R101-FPN BMask R-CNN (ECCV’20) 37.7
Res-R101-FPN SOLOv2 (NeurIPS’20) 39.7
Res-R101-FPN BCNet (CVPR’21) 39.8
Res-R101-FPN Transfiner (CVPR’22) 40.7, Pretrained Model
Res-R101-FPN-DCN Transfiner (CVPR’22) 42.2, Pretrained Model


Two-stage and query-based instance segmentation methods have achieved remarkable results. However, their segmented masks are still very coarse. In this paper, we present Mask Transfiner for high-quality and efficient instance segmentation. Instead of operating on regular dense tensors, our Mask Transfiner decomposes and represents the image regions as a quadtree. Our transformer-based approach only processes detected error-prone tree nodes and self-corrects their errors in parallel. While these sparse pixels only constitute a small proportion of the total number, they are critical to the final mask quality. This allows Mask Transfiner to predict highly accurate instance masks, at a low computational cost. Extensive experiments demonstrate that Mask Transfiner outperforms current instance segmentation methods on three popular benchmarks, significantly improving both two-stage and query-based frameworks by a large margin of +3.0 mask AP on COCO and BDD100K, and +6.6 boundary AP on Cityscapes.

Step-by-step Installation

conda create -n transfiner python=3.7 -y
source activate transfiner
conda install pytorch==1.7.1 torchvision==0.8.2 torchaudio==0.7.2 cudatoolkit=11.0 -c pytorch
# Coco api and visualization dependencies
pip install ninja yacs cython matplotlib tqdm
pip install opencv-python==
# Boundary dependency
pip install scikit-image
pip install kornia==0.5.11
# install pycocotools. Please make sure you have installed cython.
git clone
cd cocoapi/PythonAPI
python build_ext install
# install transfiner
git clone
cd transfiner/
python3 build develop

Dataset Preparation

Prepare for coco2017 dataset and Cityscapes following this instruction.

  mkdir -p datasets/coco
  ln -s /path_to_coco_dataset/annotations datasets/coco/annotations
  ln -s /path_to_coco_dataset/train2017 datasets/coco/train2017
  ln -s /path_to_coco_dataset/test2017 datasets/coco/test2017
  ln -s /path_to_coco_dataset/val2017 datasets/coco/val2017

Multi-GPU Training and Evaluation on Validation set

bash scripts/


bash scripts/

Pretrained Models

Download: link

  mkdir pretrained_models
  #And put the downloaded pretrained models in this directory.

Initial Weights

Download: link

  mkdir init_weights
  #And put the downloaded init models weights in this directory.

Testing on Test-dev

bash scripts/


bash scripts/


If you find Mask Transfiner useful in your research or refer to the provided baseline results, please star ⭐ this repository and consider citing ?:

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