mdut (pronounced “em-doot”) is a tool for generating Markdown URL tags.
It ships as both a standalone command-line program and Python library.


Command-line program:

# reference style is default
$ mdut
Copied to clipboard:
[TODO]: "Example Domain"

$ mdut -s inline
Copied to clipboard:
[TODO]( "Example Domain")

Python library:

>>> import mdut
>>> mdut.reference("")
'[TODO]: "Example Domain"'
>>> mdut.inline("")
'[TODO]( "Example Domain")'


If you plan on using mdut on the command-line, you’re probably best off installing it via pipx, like so:

pipx install mdut

However, if you plan on using mdut as a library in your project, you should probably install it the same way as your other dependencies, for example via pip, Poetry, Pipenv, etc.

# pip
pip install mdut

# Poetry
poetry add mdut

# Pipenv
pipenv install mdut


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