MeerKAT radio telescope simulation package. Designed with performance in mind and utilizes
Just in time compile (JIT) and XLA backed vectroization for batched functions. Designed for
geometric inference models for multibeam telescopes.

Under construction
Read docs can be found here

Simulation Methods

This package currently has a single major function which is to create an observation object that holds all 64
simulated events. Here is a synthetic event simulation example:

from MeerKATgen import Observation
from MeerKATgen.sim_params import random_SETI_params

#number of SETI signals to simulate
SETI = random_SETI_params(3)

obs = Observation(num_beams=64,
                 SETI = SETI,

data, coordinates, adj_matrix, labels  = obs.extract_all()

We can also take in real MeerKAT observations … however data will be provided later on when observations are released…


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