Hotwire + Django

This repository aims to help you integrate Hotwire with Django
Inspiration might be taken from @hotwired/hotwire-rails.

We are still in the early stage of this project so don’t expect anything remotely production grade for a while.

Discussions about a Django/Hotwire integration are happening on the Hotwire forum. And on Slack, which you can join by clicking here!


As we discover this new magic, you can expect to see a few repositories with experiments and demos appear in @hotwire-django. If you too are experimenting, we encourage you to ask a write access to the GitHub organization and to publish your work in a @hotwire-django repository.

We expect to gain knowledge and experience with Hotwire over time and will try to extract useful code from the demos and package it in self contained “pip-installable” packages: turbo-django and stimulus-django.


Repositories under the @hotwire-django organization are released under the MIT License to keep compatibility with the Hotwire project.