Dead simple Python logging.

metovlogs is a very simple logging library. Setup is one line, then you can use it as a drop-in print replacement. Sane and useful log format out of the box. Best for small or early projects.


Initialize the logger by calling get_log:

import metovlogs

# The name will be used to annotate the log
# __name__ is name of the current Python module
log = metovlogs.get_log(__name__)

Now you can use it as a drop-in replacement for all your prints:

# Do some stuff"Finished doing some stuff")

log.debug("About to start doing other stuff")
# Do some other stuff

metovlogs is like black for logs: You get reasonable behavior by default and no customization beyond that. This allows you to focus on developing without distraction. If you want to tweak your logs, you should use something else.


pip install metovlogs

Further reading

GitHub - metov/metovlogs at
Dead simple Python logging. Contribute to metov/metovlogs development by creating an account on GitHub.