MicBot uses Google Translate to speak everyone’s chat messages. It can also play audio from youtube links sent via chat. You’ll need to setup a spare PC or VM for the sole purpose of running this bot. The server you join must also have the MicBot plugin installed (this probably won’t be a requirement in the future).

Say .mhelp for usage on servers which have the MicBot plugin installed.

MicBot reads messages aloud and can play audio from youtube links.
    ~<message> = Hide your message from the chat.
    .mpitch <1-200>   = set text-to-speech pitch.
    .mlang <language> = set text-to-speech language.
    .mlangs           = list valid languages.
    .mstop            = Stop all audio.
    .mstop speak      = Stop all text-to-speech audio.
    .mstop last       = Stop all youtube videos except the one that first started playing.
    .mstop first      = Stop all youtube videos except the one that last started playing.
    .mtts             = enable/disable text to speech for your messages.
    .mbot             = register/unregister yourself as a bot with the server.

    You can add a timestamp after a youtube link to play at an offset. For example:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8HO6hba9ZE 0:27

Windows installation:

  1. Install Python 3
  2. pip install pafy gtts python-vlc pyglet pynput pydub youtube_dl yt-dlp pynput
    • If yt-dlp fails to install, then try this command:
      pip install --no-deps -U yt-dlp
    • You might need to install some .NET framework or visual studio stuff. Any error messages you see should be google-able.
  3. Install the appropriate version of VLC (64-bit VLC if you got 64-bit python. 32-bit VLC if 32-bit python.)
  4. Install ffmpeg and add the /bin folder to your system PATH (environment variable).
  5. Make “Stereo mix” your default recording device for sven or install something like Virtual Audio Cable to get sven to hear your desktop sounds.

Linux installation:

  1. sudo apt install xdotool python3-gst-1.0 python3 python3-pip ffmpeg vlc
  2. pip3 install pafy gtts python-vlc pyglet pydub youtube_dl yt-dlp
  3. Redirect sven to record from your speaker output. I had to do this for a Lubuntu 18.04 x64 VM:
    • sudo apt install pavucontrol
    • pactl load-module module-loopback latency_msec=1
    • Set sound card profile to “Off” in Configuration tab of the volume settings (this will disable speakers but I wanted that anyway)

Final installation steps

  1. Edit backend_youtube_dl.py in the pafy python library (default windows path: Python3x/Lib/site-packages/pafy/):
    • comment out the lines that have like_count and dislike_count. As of this writing, the current version of pafy will fail to fetch youtube links because of the removal of likes/dislikes from YouTube.
    • [Optional] If you get “Sign in to verify your age” errors for some videos, then also replace youtube_dl import with import yt_dlp as youtube_dl. This may result in other errors or videos not playing though, so maybe try without doing this first.
  • [Optional] The bot will speak chat sounds by default. If you don’t want that, create a file called chatsounds.txt next to the script. Each line should contain a single word which the bot will not speak by itself.


  1. Add -condebug to the launch options of Sven Co-op. Then, start the game.
  2. Type in console: volume 0; mp3volume 0; bind F8 "+voicerecord;-voicerecord;+voicerecord"
  3. Join a server which has the MicBot plugin installed.
  4. Say .mbot to register yourself as a bot.
  5. Start the client.py script
  6. Keep the game in focus and without the menu/console showing. The script will continue pressing F8 to keep the mic enabled across level changes.


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