Decision Transformer


Minimal code for Decision Transformer: Reinforcement Learning via Sequence Modeling for mujoco control tasks in OpenAI gym.
Notable difference from official implementation are:

  • Simple GPT implementation (causal transformer)
  • Uses PyTorch’s Dataset and Dataloader class and removes redundant computations for calculating rewards to go and state normalization for efficient training
  • Can be trained and the results can be visualized on google colab with the provided notebook

Open min_decision_transformer.ipynb in Google Colab Open In Colab



Install mujoco-py library by following instructions on mujoco-py repo

D4RL Data

Datasets are expected to be stored in the data directory. Install the D4RL repo. Then save formatted data in the data directory using the following script:

python3 data/

Running experiments


  1. If you find it difficult to install mujoco-py and d4rl then you can refer to their installation in the colab notebook
  2. Once the dataset is formatted and saved with, d4rl library is not required for training.
  3. The evaluation is done on v3 control environments in mujoco-py so that the results are consistent with the decision transformer paper.


Note: these results are mean and variance of 3 random seeds obtained after 20k updates while the official results are obtained after 100k updates. The variance in returns and score should decrease as training reaches saturation.

Dataset Environment DT (this repo) 20k updates DT (official) 100k updates
Medium HalfCheetah 42.18 ± 0.77 42.6 ± 0.1
Medium Hopper 68.54 ± 5.9 67.6 ± 1.0


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