Mjolnir AiO

Mjolnir All in One is the most advanced Spotify Botting tool on the Market.

All of its features are open source and free to use.


  • Desktop / Web / Request Generator
  • Desktop / Web Streamer
  • Liker
  • Web / Mail Checker

Demo Video (Showing Desktop Generator and Streamer)



Installing Mjolnir with Python

  git clone git:github.com/Vinyzu/MjolnirAiO MjolnirAiO
  cd MjolnirAiO
  pip install -r requirements.txt
  python mjolnir.py

Further Requirements


Recommended Usage



This Software logs your usage. However, it just sends the amount of usage to my server, you can always delete thelines of code, and most importantly, it uses proxies so your ip is hidden. I cant tell who is when using this software, just how often everyone together uses it. Thanks if you support me by this little if you dont delete the lines.


Contributions are always welcome!

See Contributing for ways to get started.

To the Skids

Hello, skid. I know its in your nature to laboriously copy and paste this project and sell it as yours. And i can´t 100% prevent that. However, legally you arent allowed to share your skidded Mjolnir other than the source code. And i know that you give a fuck about Licenses and Copyright, but if you gonna use this code as yours and don´t mark me as the original author, i can asure you that you won´t have a good time selling this ;d.

Copyright and License

© Vinyzu


(Commercial Usage is allowed, but souce, license and copyright has to made available. Mjolnir does not provide and Liability or Warranty)


If you appreciate this Repository, I would love to see you star and share this. It took a lot of effort and time to code all of those features and i originally planned to sell this project, so I´m "wasting" money for everyone´s fun ;:D.

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