Crunchyroll BETA API (and Downloader)

Installation ⚙️

pip install git+[email protected]

Basic Usage ❓

This API requires an account, and works only on Crunchyroll BETA!

First of all, import all stuff and login

from crunchyroll_beta import Crunchyroll
cr = Crunchyroll()

cr.login("email", "password")

To get a SERIES_ID, just use search function"Demon Slayer")

Check the dict it returns, and do whatever you want, like getting seasons


From there get your SEASON_ID and get episodes


Now let’s get streams from an episode (pass the dict get_episodes() returns)


Finally, get formats (pass the dict get_streams() returns), then download m3u8 with yt-dlp or sum


For every function, except login, you can pass
“locale” argument (like us-US, en-ES). Default to: it-IT.
You can only get HARDSUBS, I could change this but Im not interested
in continuing this project for now, PRs are welcome 😀

Note: This API its mobile based, so Cloudflare is not a problem. Also its not restricted on servers.


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