Mobile version of the Agregore browser for Android, based on Chromium and Bromite



This codebase is based on Chromium Android and Bromite.

How it works:

  • You’ll need 40 or 50 GB of space on your machine since chromium is so huge.
  • Run ./ to do the initial folder setup.
    • The build scripts use Python 3, so you’ll need to have it installed on your system.
      • Chromium build tools are set up in ./depot_tools
      • A Chromium source tree is set up in ./chromium (this takes huge amounts of space)
      • A Bromite source tree is set up in ./bromite (this doesn’t take much space)
  • Run ./ to checkout the correct version of Chromium and to apply the bromite patches to it
    • Run this whenever bromite gets updated, it will auto-run at setup
  • Run ./ to apply Agregore patches to the Chromium tree
    • Run this whenever there are new Agregore patches to apply. It will auto-run at setup
  • Run ./ to sync dependencies needed to perform a build.
    • This can be skipped if you’re just adding changes, dependenices can take an extra 30 GB of space
  • Run ./ to trigger a new build of the browser
    • You’ll need to be running Ubuntu 18 in order to do a successful build. Automated builds via a build server are a work in progress.
  • The patches folder contains Agregore-specific patches on top of Chromium
  • Run ./ To generate a new patch based on the latest Commit inside Chromium/src
    • You can specify --n for the number of commits to include in the patch if you want something other than the latest one.
    • Generally, if you did several commits as part of your change, you’ll want to squash them with git rebase -i HEAD~<n> where n is the number of commits you want to squash.
    • Then you’ll want to commit the patches and use to apply them on the build server

Flow for building with the build server

  • Checkout a new branch to start
  • Make changes inside chromium/src and commit
  • Run to generate a pach
  • Commit your changes to your branch
  • Push them to github
  • Checkout the branch on the build server ssh [email protected]
  • Apply the patches using
  • Run


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