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MModel is a lightweight and modular model building frameworkfor small-scale and nonlinear models. The package aims to solvescientific program prototyping and distribution difficulties, makingit easier to create modular, fast, and user-friendly packages.The package is fully tested.


To create a nonlinear model that has the result of(x + y)log(x + y, base):

from mmodel import ModelGraph, Model, MemHandlerimport mathdef func_a(x, y):    return x + ydef func_b(sum_xy, base):    return math.log(sum_xy, base)def func_c(sum_xy, log_xy):    return sum_xy * log_xy# create graph linksgrouped_edges = [    ("func a", ["func b", "func c"]),    ("func b", "func c"),]node_objects = [    ("func a", func_a, ["sum_xy"]),    ("func b", func_b, ["log_xy"]),    ("func c", func_c, ["result"]),]graph = ModelGraph(name="Example")graph.add_grouped_edges_from(grouped_edges)graph.set_node_objects_from(node_objects)example_func = Model(graph, handler=MemHandler)>>> print(example_func)Example model  signature: base, x, y  returns: result  handler: MemHandler  modifiers: none>>> example_func(2, 5, 3) # (5 + 3)log(5 + 3, 2)24.0

The resulting example_func is callable.

One key feature of mmodel is modifiers, which modify callables postdefinition. To loop the “base” parameter.

from mmodel import subgraph_by_parameters, modify_subgraph, loop_modifiersubgraph = subgraph_by_parameters(graph, ["base"])loop_node = Model(subgraph, MemHandler, [loop_modifier("base")])looped_graph = modify_subgraph(graph, subgraph, "loop node", loop_node)looped_model = Model(looped_graph, handler=MemHandler)>>> print(looped_model)Example model  signature: base, x, y  returns: result  handler: MemHandler  modifiers: none>>> looped_model([2, 4], 5, 3) # (5 + 3)log(5 + 3, 2)[24.0, 12.0]

Modifiers can also be added to the whole model or a single node.

To draw the graph or the underlying graph of the model:



Graphviz installation

To view the graph, Graphviz needs to be installed:Graphviz InstallationFor windows installation, please choose “add Graphviz to thesystem PATH for all users/current users” during the setup.

MModel installation

pip install mmodel

Development installation

MModel uses poetry asthe build system. The package works with both pip and poetryinstallation.

To install test and docs, despondencies run:

pip install .[test] .[docs]

To run the tests in different python environments and cases(py38, py39, coverage and docs):


To create the documentation, run under the “/docs” directory:

make html


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