VAE-based molecule generation and translation

This is a joint PyTorch implementation of three papers in VAE-based molecule generation and translation. The papers and the official repos are as follows:

The master branch works with PyTorch 1.8+.

MolVAE has been tested under Python 3.7 with PyTorch 1.11 on cuda 11.4


  1. Create an Anaconda environment

    conda create --name vae_py37 python=3.7
    conda activate vae_py37
  2. Install RDKit

    conda install rdkit -c rdkit
  3. Install PyTorch following official instructions, e.g. PyTorch on GPU platforms:

    conda install pytorch torchvision -c pytorch
  4. Install other requirements:

    pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. Install Chemprop (from source, additional dependency for property-guided finetuning)

    git clone
    cd chemprop
    pip install -e .

Data Format

  • For molecule generation, each line of a training file is a molecule in SMILES representation.
    • benchmark/moses and benchmark/polymers are used for generation.
  • For molecule translation, each line of a training file is a pair of molecules (molA, molB). The target is to translate from molA towards molB, as molB has better chemical properties.
    • benchmark/drd2, benchmark/logp04, benchmark/logp06 and benchmark/qed are used for translation.


  1. Select config file and raw data according to task and appraoch.

    • For molecule generation, go to configs/moses or configs/polymers.
      • For junction tree approach, use configs/*/jtvae.json.
      • For hierarchical substructure approach, use configs/*/hiervae.json.
    • For molecule translation, go to configs/drd2 , configs/logp04, configs/logp06 or configs/qed
      • For junction tree approach, according to with or without GAN loss, use config/*/vjtnn_gan.json or configs/*/vjtnn.json
      • For hierarchical substructure approach, use configs/*/hiervgnn.json
  2. Extract vocabularies from a given set of molecules and preprocess training data. Add the --get_vocab argument if you have not extracted the vocabulary before. Replace xxx with your selected json file.

    python tools/ --config configs/xxx
  3. Train the model

    • Without GAN loss

      python tools/ --config configs/xxx
    • With GAN loss (only for junction tree approach for molecule translation)

      python tools/ --config configs/xxx


  • For molecule generation, replace yyy with your selected model in ckpt/moses or ckpt/polymers.

    python tools/ --config configs/xxx --model ckpt/yyy
  • For molecule translation, replace yyy with your selected model in ckpt/drd2, ckpt/logp04, ckpt/logp06 or ckpt/qed.

    python tools/ --config configs/xxx --model ckpt/yyy


Calculate metrics on testing result file and replace zzz with your result file in results/*.

python tools/ --config configs/xxx --result results/zzz


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