Monitora la qualità della ricezione dei segnali radio nelle province siciliane.

Conversion data

Frequency - StationName maps are stored in scraper/data/ directory:

Province URL
Catania Link to Catania csv
Messina Link to Messina csv
Palermo Link to Palermo csv

Any other province outside of this three uses the csv of the nearest province.

Frequency - PI - StationName map is stored in scraper/data/ directory:

State URL
Italia Link to National FM map csv

Adding station names with Kafka

When Kafka receives a message, it attachs the station name to it using the PI (programme identifier) or the FM. The csv stored in scraper/data are used as lookup tables to do the conversion. To compile the java application you need to install:

  • java 8 (sdk & jvm)
  • maven

Then go to data-enrichment/fmap.server/ and run

$ mvn package


Kafka UI

After starting kafka, go to http://localhost:8080/ to access the Kafka UI.



In order to use Kafka-stream, first of all, you have to build the Dockerfile in FMap-server/data-enrichment/ using the following command:

$ docker build --tag=fmap.server:stream .

After that, you can run:

$ docker-compose up

If you want, you can use the following shortcut:

$ ./