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What Are Some Pros And Cons Of Owning A Sniper Bot?

  • While having a sniper bot is typically an advantageous feat. Sometimes it can work against you. Let’s look over the pros and cons of owning a sniper bot and how it can be —advantageous to you, but sometimes detrimental as well.
  • Allows for much faster buys
  • Allows for much faster sells
  • Gives user upper hand in fair launches
  • Users enjoy much higher profits when sniping compared to traditional buying methods
  • Ability to modify gas parameters prior to transacting
  • Ability to purchase a coin as soon as liquidity is added, rather than waiting for a dev to announce that liquidity has been added (also known as frontrunning).
  • Ability to make multiple buys within seconds.
  • Ability to automatically sell at a specific profit target



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  • Main coin/token: The token or coin you want to trade tokens for and with

  • buy token after add liquidity

  • Buy/Sell boundary: The amount of balance (calculated in $) that has to be present in (main-)tokens or coins has to be present in the wallet, to deduct whether the latest action was a buy or a sell. For instance: if the value is 100, your maincoin option BNB and have 120$ worth of BNB on your address, the bot will see the latest action as “sell”.

  • buy Token: Fill the token address of the token you want to Buy (such as 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000)

  • Sell Token: Fill the token address of the token you want to Sell (such as 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000)

  • Presale Token: Fill the token address before add liquidity (such as 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000)

  • Dec.: The amount of decimals the token operates with (18 is normal)

  • Sell($): The price you want the trader to sell the token for (0.01 = 1 dollar cent)

  • Buy($): The price you want the trader to buy the token for (0.01 = 1 dollar cent)

  • Activate and Trade with BNB: Toggle if you want to activate trading with your main-coin/token

  • Trade with BEP (Experimental!): Toggle if you want to trade the token with other BEP20 tokens of which this option is activated (see tokentokennumerator)

  • Stoploss: Toggle to activate stoploss (0.01 = 1 dollar cent)

  • Second(s) between checking price: Standard is 4 seconds. With a infura server with max 100.000tx/day 4 seconds is good for 2 activated token 24hr/day

  • Seconds waiting between trades: depends on how fast transactions finalize Max slippage: The maximum slippage you want to allow while trading (0.03 = 3%) $ to keep in ETH after trade: The amount of ETH/main token you want to keep after each trade (excluding transaction fees) in terms of $. GWEI: The amount of gas you want to use for each trade (5 GWEI is fine)

  • Different deposit address: Use this if you want the swap output to go to a different ethereum address (without extra fees).

  • Tokentokennumerator (Experimental!): This value lets you trade ERC tokens with each other. The code to create the value is as followed:

Install Requirements:

python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

## ? Installation

First of all, you need install Python3+
Debian/Ubuntu: $ sudo apt install python3 git make gcc
Windows: Need to install Visual Studio BuildTools & Python3

How Find Private Key

  1. Open your account
  2. Click on three points at top-right corner
  3. Account details
  4. Export Private Key

1. What does thisSniper Botdo and how does it work?

The bot allows you to buy any newly added token from PancakwSwap (all BSC network) and Uniswap in amazing speeds ( up to zero seconds from the time of the liquidity transaction show up in the mempool). It is calledfrontrunningwhich can make you a big amount of profit. The bot works by: Connecting to the blockchain network, scanning for all mempool / pending transactions, finding and matching the liquidity add transaction of the token you are trying to snipe and then placing the buy order in the same block (Pro/Plus version)

1a. Why your site looks so shitty comperable to other bots websites?

Well, you`re right. I don`t have fancy website, I`m a coder, not a graphic designer. I don`t know all newest marketing tricks. I make crypto bots and I`m best in what I`m doing. I can promise you one thing: when otherfancy regular botsstart buying you will be already selling with profit. Want to know how? Read on2. Why are you selling such a profitable tool? Why not use it yourself?

This is a question I get a lot. I am a coder and developing and upgrading this bot takes a lot of time. Thanks to my clients who always report me any changes in the smartchain and antibot systems I can keep my bots up to date. Also thanks to my clients I`m getting good snipe opportunities without many hours of researching. If I spend my time researching hundreds of telegram groups, twitters and sites I will not have time to develop the bot. That`s why I`m selling it and that way we all can profit from this market.

3. Is this tool safe to use? Is it legal?

The code is fully open / raw. It means that you can check it with different text viewers like even NotePad. You will be able to see all the functions, where your wallet info is used and when it is used. That is the only way to gain trust from my clients. The tool is also fully legal to useyou are simply the first or one of the first to invest in a new token.

4. Does this tool work on PancakeSwap V2? What about Uniswap V3 when it comes out?

Yes! Pancake Sniper works great on PancakeSwap V2. Once Uniswap V3 comes out, a free update will be available via your account panel on this site.

5. Is it easy to use and install? Are there any requirements? Does it run on both MacOs and Windows?

The tool is quite easy to use, but for some that would like assistance on using it and setting it upvery, very detailed  instruction with screenshots which will guide you step by step how to setup and run the bot. Windows 7 or higher is needed. Will also work on all latest MacOs systems.

6. Does it need a crypto wallet? Which one do i need? Metamask or Trustwallet?

Yes, a wallet will be needed so the bot has somewhere to send the bought tokens. The instructions that i include does show how to make a brand new MetaMask wallet and how to connect it to the bot. It is very easy to do. Trustwallet will work as well, but MetaMask is highly suggested as it will give you more control over the sniped tokens.

7. How does it compete with other sniper bots out there? How many other bots are there already?

Pancake Sniper Basic is a first sniper bot on BSC. It was developed back in February 2021. In May 2021 I developed Pancake Sniper Plus which is a Front Running Bot with advanced antibot avoiding systems. Right now there are many different snipers on the market. But still there are no other public Front Runners. How do I know that? On every big launch I only see frontrun transactions from my clients and maybe 1-2 transactions from other (private) front running bots. If you ever saw big transactions on launch before anyone could start buying they were in 90% made by Pancake Sniper Plus.
Did you buy other bot(s) and you`re still being frontrunned by others? It`s because your bot is not a front runnerit uses totally different technique for sniping. You can message me on TG and I`ll desribe you how my bot works.

8. Does the bot only buy or also sell the tokens?

The bot only buys the tokens based on the input / amount you configure it to. It does not sell them. Selling will have to be done manually via PancakeSwap or Uniswap after around 5-10 minutes for the best profit. That`s one of the secrets why it is still the only WORKING front running bot on the market. For more details msg me on TG.

9. Does it approve the token?

Approving a token is only needed when selling it. To buy itthe token you want to snipe does not have to be approved. It does not approve the token for you, but when you go and sell it after 5-10 minutes, you will have the option to approve it for sale via PancakeSwap or Uniswap.

10. How much should i snipe with?

The more you put in, the bigger the profit as buying early is very profitable. For starters i suggest to test with amounts of 100-500 usd, which usually bring a profit of around 1000-5000 usd in the time of 5-10 minutes.

11. What language is the script wrote in?

The bot is wrote in python

12. How can i know you wont scam me?

It is not my intention to scam anybody. Once the payment clears, you will receive 2 filesthe bot script and a PDF instruction manual. I am also leaving the youtube comment and review sections open so you can see the feedbacks. Right now on YT I have almost 400 thumbs up and only 2 thumbs down and you know I can`tremovethumbs down. The code is also 100% open script so you can check every single line of the code.
UPDATE 2022: my bots are on the market for almost 1 year now. There are no bots on the market older then pancake sniper and uniswap sniper (you can check YT upload date and my domain registration date). You can find reviews about my products in different places on the net, not only on my website. I`m running for quite a long time now and if it was a scam there would be already many bad reviews everywhere on the net.

13. What about projects using anti-bot, anti-sniper software? Will this still work?

UPDATE 2022: my bots are frequently updated and latest version of sniper bot plus can avoid most known antibot systems. If you want to ask about any specific antibot system please drop me a line on telegram as I don`t list all antibot features on the website (I have good reason not to do it, believe me)

14. What are the differences between the Basic and Plus version you offer? Can i later pay the difference if i want to upgrade to the Plus version?

Basic version works good on smaller launches where there`s no such big competition, it`s a regular bot (not a front runner) you can compare it to aviddot, multisniper or limitswap bots.
Plus version is a front runner made for a big hyped launches, it also has different antibot avoiding features. If you are a member of any underground forum you probably heard about pancake sniper plus.

If you later decide to switch to the Plus version, simply buy again simple version and write in the note UPGRADE (you have to buy it from the same account from which you bought basic version!) or contact me on telegram so I`ll send you Plus version.

15. What payment methods do you accept? Can i pay with BNB?

I accept any major crypto-currencies, which you can check on checkout page. Almost all checkout fields are optional to keep everybody safe. Yes, BNB is also accepted. If you are having issues with the checkout or would like to send the coins manually, feel free to contact me on telegram.

16. Will i be able to contact you if i have any issues with the setup or the usage of the tool?

Yes, if you have any issues with the install or setup even after following my super detailed instructions, i will still help you manually. Feel free to send me a message via Telegramjust click on Contact tab. If there is a huge amount of requests and questions, please understand that replying can take up to 48h.

17. Will there be a Telegram group for all the sniper users to coordinate their snipes and have a good chat?

Yes, once the X amount of licenses have been sold, a Telegram group will be made for us all to share new snipes and ideas.
UPDATE 2022: I changed my strategy for TG groups. Right now I have a couple small sniper groups. I made one big Telegram group for all my clients but after few weeks it died as no one wanted to share any information about new snipes. Some of my clients started creating their own small groups and right now I think that`s the best idea. I`m creating small private groups of max 10 people where everyone has to share at least few good snipes a week. When I have 10 people willing to participate in the group I create it, and then find people for next group. I ask everyone who buys any of my bots if he wants to participate. Already created four groups and they`re doing great, right now I recruit people for next group as not everyone who buys my bot wants to participate (and share his snipes)

18. Where can i find new projects to snipe?

New projects go up each day. If you are a beginner you can contact me for best places to find new launches for snipe. And the best option will be to join one of my small snipers TG group. You will have more snipes daily then you can snipe.

19. How does it connect to the blockchain network?

It connects directly to the Binance Smart Chain (Or Ethereum chain if you are using it for Uniswap) via node endpointwhile most bots connects through Pancakeswap APIs. The install instructions will provide info on where to get a free, privately hosted node with no downtime. We are not using the free, public nodes.

20. How are gas fees handled? Can i configure gas?

The bot copies the gas price from the original liquidity add transaction and applies it to the buy order automatically. It can be adjusted if needed, but not suggested for the Basic bot operation.
In the Plus version of the bot, the initial buy orders will also copy the gas settings, but for further snipes ( as the Plus one makes multiple) you can configure it manually.

21. What about slippage? Can i adjust it so that it does not buy for a too high of a price?

The bot script features a MinOutput setting which is similar but easier than Slippage. By default it is set at 0. That means that the bot will buy as many tokens as possible with the amount you put in. If you for example put it at 100, then the bot will place the buy order if it is able to get at least 100 or more of the tokens. If it cannot get at least 100, it will cancel the buy order so you dont buy too high.

? Updates

[Available soon]: supports [matic] & [fantom], Android/IOS support with Metamask

⚠️ Beware of clones!!

Beware of forks. I do not give any guarantee that the fork may turn out to be a scam. I’m coding this stuff on a pure open source. I do my best to publish constant updates and bug fixes. the bot has a very small tax in the claim function, so we both win. At the same time you support me, this project and the following projects.

? Disclaimers

All investment strategies and investments involve risk of loss.

Nothing contained in this program, scripts, code or repository should be construed as investment advice.
Any reference to an investment’s past or potential performance is not, and should not be construed as, a recommendation or as a guarantee of any specific outcome or profit. By using this program you accept all liabilities, and that no claims can be made against the developers or others connected with the program.

? License

MIT License

BOT is free-to-use, but you are welcome to appreciate my work ☺️

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BNB – 0x9D6b263Fd88c577a68918fea5732566d0c7ea64c

Thank’s ! ❤️

? If you need some help contact me

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