Your own movie streaming service. Easy to install, easy to use. Download, manage and watch your favorite movies conveniently from your browser or phone. Install it on your server, access it anywhere and enjoy.


You can find a live demo with limited functionality here:

Installation & Documentation

Head to the documentation to find the instructions on how to install here:

Quick Installation

For detailed info, go to documentation.

git clone

cd vigilio

docker-compose up -d

Go to http://localhost:8000
Default username: admin
Default password: adminadmin


main page

movie details page

search page


  • Easy to install.
  • Automated movie info, imdb score, image, genre, subtitle downloading.
  • Continue movie feature.
  • My list feature that you can add and remove your movies.
  • Fully featured video player with subtitle and video quality options.
  • Video player supports PIP (Picture in picture) feature.
  • Search movies via different sources and add them with one click.
  • Add movies manually by providing a source and imdb ID.
  • Control background processes.
    • Force start, start, pause, delete qbittorrent entries.
    • View and cancel background processes (subtitle downloads, movie information fetcher, video processor)