The repository for the paper: Multilingual Translation via Grafting Pre-trained Language Models

Graformer (also named BridgeTransformer in the code) is a sequence-to-sequence model mainly for Neural Machine Translation. We improve the multilingual translation by taking advantage of pre-trained (masked) language models, including pre-trained encoder (BERT) and pre-trained decoder (GPT). The code is based on Fairseq.


You can start with run/, with some minor modification. The corresponding scripts represent:

train a pre-trained BERT:

train a pre-trained GPT:

train a Graformer:

inference from Graformer:

Released Models

We release our pre-trained mBERT and mGPT, along with the trained Graformer model in here.

Tensorflow Version

We will provide the tensorflow version in Neurst, a popular toolkit for sequence processing.


Please cite as:

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me: [email protected]