TransTrack: Multiple-Object Tracking with Transformer

License: MIT


TransTrack: Multiple-Object Tracking with Transformer


Training data Training time Validation MOTA download
crowdhuman, mot_half 36h + 1h 65.4 model
crowdhuman 36h 53.8 model
mot_half 8h 61.6 model

Models are also available in Baidu Drive by code m4iv.


  • Evaluating crowdhuman-training model and mot-training model use different command lines, see Steps.
  • We observe about 1 MOTA noise.
  • If the resulting MOTA of your self-trained model is not desired, playing around with the –track_thresh sometimes gives a better performance.
  • The training time is on 8 NVIDIA V100 GPUs with batchsize 16.
  • We use the models pre-trained on imagenet.



The codebases are built on top of Deformable DETR and CenterTrack.


  • Linux, CUDA>=9.2, GCC>=5.4
  • Python>=3.7
  • PyTorch ≥ 1.5 and torchvision that matches the PyTorch installation. You can install them together at to make sure of this
  • OpenCV is optional and needed by demo and visualization


  1. Install and build libs
git clone
cd TransTrack
cd models/ops
python build install
cd ../..
pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Prepare dataset
mkdir -p crowdhuman/annotations
cp -r /path_to_crowdhuman_dataset/annotations/CrowdHuman_val.json crowdhuman/annotations/CrowdHuman_val.json
cp -r /path_to_crowdhuman_dataset/annotations/CrowdHuman_train.json crowdhuman/annotations/CrowdHuman_train.json
cp -r /path_to_crowdhuman_dataset/CrowdHuman_train crowdhuman/CrowdHuman_train
cp -r /path_to_crowdhuman_dataset/CrowdHuman_val crowdhuman/CrowdHuman_val
mkdir mot
cp -r /path_to_mot_dataset/train mot/train
cp -r /path_to_mot_dataset/test mot/test
python track_tools/

CrowdHuman dataset is available in CrowdHuman. We provide annotations of json format.

MOT dataset is available in MOT.

  1. Pre-train on crowdhuman
sh track_exps/
python track_tools/

The pre-trained model is available crowdhuman_final.pth.

  1. Train TransTrack
sh track_exps/
  1. Evaluate TransTrack
sh track_exps/
sh track_exps/
  1. Visualize TransTrack
python track_tools/


  • Evaluate pre-trained CrowdHuman model on MOT
sh track_exps/
sh track_exps/


TransTrack is released under MIT License.


If you use TransTrack in your research or wish to refer to the baseline results published here, please use the following BibTeX entries:

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