Maon Discord Bot

Maon is a little hobby project, as well as a project to get to know the Git workflow. Maon is written in Python3.8+ and tested on Ubuntu 20.04+, Ubuntu Server 20.04, Windows 10, and Raspbian Buster. Maon should run on most UNIX platforms, if you can install the required libraries below. The most notable functionality of Maon is its chat integrated media browser to browse media files and play them by navigating the browser with emojis that have been added to the media browser embed message.

List of Commands


  • shutdown (alias: kill)

Shuts down Maon gracefully.

  • restart

Restarts Maon.

  • reload <extension name / all>

Reloads an extension module like audio or filebrowser or all of them.

  • disable <extension name / all>

Disables an extension module or all of them.

  • enable <extension name / all>

Enables an extension module or all of them.

  • remove <number> (alias: clear, delete)

Remove number of messages.

  • status <playing / watching / listening> <text>

Sets a status for Maon.

  • status cancel

Disables the hourly status text cycle.

  • scrub

Deletes the music cache folder.

  • emojiname <emoji>

Returns the ascii encoded name of an emoji.


  • help (alias: info, infocard)

Lists all commands.

  • version

Shows the current version of Maon.

  • ping

Shows the websocket ping in milliseconds.

  • flip (alias: coin, toss)

Flip a coin.

  • rng <number> (alias: dice, roll)

Roll the dice for a random number from 1 to number.

  • rng <number> x<number>

Roll the dice multiple times for xnumber times. Example: m roll 20 x5 or m roll 20*5 to roll 20 times 5.

  • eightball (alias: am, is, are, can, do, does, will...)

Maon will reply to a closed question or the eightball command. For example: Maon is pineapple pizza the best in the world? will have Maon reply with some form of yes, no, maybe... I don't knoooow, can you repeat the question~

  • mal <search term> (alias: anime, animu, manga)

Maon will look up the requested search term and return the closest anime title linking to MyAnimeList. The alias manga will look for a manga title instead.


  • play <url / path / filename> (alias: p, stream, yt)

Play a local sound file from the music folder or a Youtube link in a voice channel.

  • sfx <path / filename> (alias: s, effects, effect)

Play a local sound file from the sfx folder. Once Maon has joined a voice channel, the prefix and sfx command can be removed and sound effects can be played by writing the sound effects title only into the chat. Example: m s oof becomes oof for ease of- and speedy access to sound effects.

  • browse <music / sfx> (alias: b, browser)

Opens the chat embedded file browser to browse through either the music or sfx folder. The browser can be navigated with emojis to change pages, enter a folder or go back, or to choose and play a song or sound effect.

  • volume <number between 0 and 100> (alias: v, vol)

Changes the volume of Maon. Default volume is set in the configuration file.

  • join (alias: j)

Maon joins the voice channel and generates the audioplayer.

  • skip (alias: next, n, ne, nxt, sk, skp)

Skips the currently playing song or sound effect.

  • loop <song / playlist / queue / q / off>

Loops the currently playing song, or the whole playlist or turns the looping function off.

  • shuffle <off>

Shuffles the current playlist after every song.

  • pause

Pauses the currently playing song or sound effect.

  • resume (alias: res, cont, continue, re, co)

Resumes the paused song or sound effect.

  • stop (alias: leave, l)

Stops Maon's audioplayer and makes Maon leave the voice channel.

  • playlist (alias: q, queue)

Shows the current playlist and the entry numbers of the songs.

  • playlist <number, number, ...>

Puts songs in the playlist of entry number number to the front of the playlist.

  • playlist clear <number, number, ...>

Removes songs from the playlist of entry number number. Aliases for clear include delete, del, d, remove, rm, r

  • playlist copy <number, number, ...>

Copies songs from the playlist of entry number number to the front of the playlist.


Discord Tokens & IDs:

Maon needs a bot token, Maon's ID and the ID of the bot owner for a successful login. The first step to get all of these is to create a new application on the discord developer page.

There select New Application and give Maon her name. Once created, head over to the Bot page and click Add Bot. From there, click copy underneath the token to receive your bot token and put it into the file at token = "token goes here".

Once Maon has a token, go back to General Information and copy the Client ID to the file at MAON_ID = id_goes_here.

Now all that's missing is the owner token. After activating developer mode in discord under settings, rightclick yourself inside discord and copy the ID into the file at OWNER_ID = id_goes_here.

Ubuntu / Debian / Raspbian:

Install pip if it is not already installed to fetch some needed dependencies, and for audio playback we'll need ffmpeg and opus-tools:

sudo apt install python3-pip ffmpeg opus-tools

Next the dependencies:

python3 -m pip install -U youtube-dl pynacl tinytag psutil aioconsole


Requires Python 3.8+, pip, and ffmpeg to be installed. Install instructions for these are on their respective websites.

To install the dependencies, open a new command prompt and enter:

python -m pip install -U youtube-dl pynacl tinytag psutil aioconsole

Running Maon:

Ubuntu / Debian / Raspbian:

To run Maon you can use the following from Maon's directory:



Use the following in a command prompt from Maon's main directory:

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